Cash Me Outside Girl Makes $40k Per Appearance; About To Be The Next HUGE Reality TV Star

We’ve absolutely no need to introduce her to you. Because you know exactly who she is. She’s Danielle Bregoli, the Cash Me Ousside Girl. And she’s the internet’s biggest star. But she’s not content with that. It looks like that infamous Dr Phil appearance isn’t to be her only TV showing…

That’s right, a whole bunch of TV executives are clamouring to get her signature. They all want her to become a huge reality TV star for their networks and the fees are getting crazy.

She’s currently able to demand up to $40,000 for an appearance. So when the ink dries on a full season for some television network, you’ve got to wonder what that figure will be.

Basically, she’s gonna be filthy stinkin’ rich!

Cash Me Ousside

According to reports out today, there are thought to be SEVEN major TV networks putting together offers for Bregoli to star in her own TV show and it all looks set to make this spoilt 13 year-old rich as well as famous.

Which isn’t depressing at all, is it? Nope. We all just go to work every day to pay the bills and this badly-behaved young girl screams a bit and people are throwing cash at her.

That’s life though, huh? At least it certainly seems to be nowadays, at least. Damn…

Cash Me Outside

Here’s a little more on the story that as surprising as it is just damn stupid…