Celebrity Chef Caught Cutting Up Lines Of Cocaine Live On Daytime TV


L’ubomír Herko is a celebrity chef. You’ve probably not heard of him, though. Unless you happen to watch a lot of daytime TV. In Slovakia. No? Thought not. Well, Herko is a big name in Eastern Europe (to old women and the unemployed, anyway) He features on the Teleráno show, on Slovakian TV network Markiza. And he’s just got himself in a little bit of trouble.

The camera pans to a few people during an interview and we see the big man cutting up what looks like a few fat lines of cocaine on a chopping board. The camera zooms up to him, he smiles and they quickly pan away.

The network are p*ssed, but are acting like it was just a joke. They’ve since said this: “We consider this a totally inappropriate joke that does not have any place on our network. There will be consequences.”

So, was it a gag or was he actually caught red handed? Check it out and decide for yourself: