Cornerman Forced To Rush Into Ring And End Fight After Ref Ignores BRUTAL Choke Hold!

It was the Super Fight League semi final on Friday night, women’s mixed martial arts. A fight between Asha Roka and Hannah Kampf. All was going well until about sixty seconds into round three. Roka got her opponent into a pretty damn tight guillotine choke hold. Kampf was losing consciousness. Roka knew it. Kampf knew it. Kampf’s corner knew it. The referee, however, did not…

Kampf starts to go limp, her legs and arms dropping, all clear signs that she was going to sleep. The ref, though, just stands by with his hands on his hips,doing nothing.

All of the sudden, Kampf’s cornerman rushes into the ring, against protocol, to end the fight. He couldn’t watch any further. It was dangerous.

Hannah Kampf Asha Roka

We’re pretty relaxed and laid-back here and don’t like to call for people’s jobs, but this… This is awful. The guy clearly doesn’t know how to referee MMA safely and you’ve got to wonder why he’s been allowed to continue in the sport.

See exactly what happened for yourself. We think you’ll be as appalled as we are…