This 200mph Street Race Between a 1400HP Corvette C6 Z06 And A 1170HP Nissan GT-R Is INSANE!

Street racing. Cool to watch on YouTube or in a Fast & Furious movie, but you don’t really need us to tell you that racing a ton of metal against another ton of metal at high speed ain’t safe. So don’t get involved. Settle for watching professionals push cars to their limits like in the video below.

When it comes to hitting incredible speeds and racing in a straight line, there aren’t many cars that are going to top the Chevrolet Corvetter C6 Z06. Especially when its got an engine capable of 1400 brake horsepower.

Unless you’ve got a Nissan GT-R, that is. Pitted against each other, these two road beasts are a real close match. At speeds of almost 200mph, this one goes close. So who’s your money on…?