We Miss The Rap Of Old – You Really Can’t Understand A Damn Thing Rappers Be Saying These Days!

Crank Lucas is a funny dude. He calls himself a ‘rapducer‘, ‘hip-hop comedian‘ and ‘viral social media sensation‘. Whatever he is, he’s worth watching. You might have heard of him or seen his work before. He uses his rapping and producing skills to make us laugh and DAMN! He manages that…

This video right here is one of our favorites. In just a couple of minutes he showcases exactly what’s wrong with rap these days. Like us, Crank seems to yearn for the days of real hip-hop artists. Ones who rapped about something real. And you could understand what the Hell they were saying!

We feel you, Crank. We feel you.

Crank Lucas (2)

See if you agree:

And here’s Crank comparing rap back in the day, to rap now. Too true…