Angry Dad Obliterates Son’s Xbox After Catching Him Stealing

Good parenting or far too harsh? Well, we’ll leave it for you to decide… This dad finds out that his son’s been stealing. So, understandably, he’s angry. That’s not how he raised his kid. The boy needs punishing. So the belt comes off. But he doesn’t want to use it. The kid needs to learn though.

So Dad comes up with an alternative plan. What’s his son’s most prized possession? What’s going to make sure he never forgets how wrong it is to steal? Well, the answer to the first question is ‘his Xbox’. And the answer to the second? ‘Smash it up – no more Call of Duty!

And there’s no more effective way of totally obliterating an Xbox than to drive over it with your rear wheels…

Don’t believe us? Check it out!