As These Women Pass Him, This Usher Pulls A Move That Makes The Stadium ERUPT


Ball games. They can be a lot of fun. A few beers, a few pals… Everyone having some fun and your team winning. Then again, ball games can be awful. No fun. Out in the cold. Ten dollar beers, cold hot dogs and your team loses. When it goes badly like this, you need something to cheer you up. And sometimes the Jumbotron obliges. Like it did here.

The game? A Detroit Pistons one. A break in play sees the Jumbotron entertaining the crowd. The camera cuts to a few likely characters in the audience, including a Michael Jackson impersonator. But it’s the usher that makes everyone’s night here…

You don’t expect an usher at a basketball game to be one of the slickest dancers out there, do you? But this dude surprises everyone. He’s got the moves. And we love how he only breaks into them after fulfilling his duties and showing a couple of ladies to their seats!


Slick moves. See for yourself…