Need Cash? Why Not Donate A Testicle And Get Paid $35,000!

Do you need some money fast? Haven’t got anything to sell or a job where you can put in some overtime? Then you need to find another way. Now, short of going to jail for bungling an armed robbery, you could try something drastic. Like donating a testicle. Hey, it’s an extreme measure but it pays big! $35,000 to be exact. Per nut, that is. So if yo’re feeling really hard up, hey – that’s seventy big ones!

Here’s a useful list of five things you can do to make a fast buck:

1. Sell your blood plasma. Human blood plasma is filled with enzymes, proteins and antibodies. It’s used to treat sick people with autoimmune diseases and clotting disorders. And it’s also useful for burns patients. The payout is $20-$50 per donation. Not bad.

Donate a Testicle

2. Donate sperm. You can get anywhere from $30 to $200 for a ‘human cell donation’. What’s more – you can donate over and over again!

3. Lay down. NASA are conducting tests for their space programs, finding out about the effects of various things. At the moment, they’re testing what happens to people when they’re bed-ridden. And the fee? $18,000! You have to stay lying down for seventy days, though. 24 hours a day…

Donate a Testicle

4. Donate a testicle. As we mentioned, it’s possible. There are many programs out there asking for them, but if you can find them, people have been known to receive a check for up to $35,000.

5. Sign up for psychiatric experiments or a medical test. They tests will vary in length and effect, but there are thousands of experiments going on at any one time, you’re bound to be eligible for one of them!