POW! Right In The Feels – Read Eminem’s Heartfelt Letter To Tupac’s Mom…

Critics and fans alike agree that Eminem is one of rap’s biggest all-time stars. But very few people would rate him higher than the great man himself, Tupac Shakur. Even Marshall Mathers would never claim to be a bigger hip-hop god than Tupac. In fact, Eminem’s gratitude to his hero can be seen in a new letter uncovered this week, sent to Tupac’s mom.

The memo, written in handwriting to Afeni Shakur shows the true level of devotion and thanks that Eminem has to Tupac and his mom.

Eminem (1)

Here is the letter in full… And we’ve gotta say – that’s some pretty damn fine handwriting from the Detroit man. Kudos.

Eminem (2)

“You are a true Queen and I mean that in every sense of the word. You have no idea how much your son and his music has inspired my whole career.” Powerful stuff from ‘Marshall’.

He even enclosed a pretty decent drawing of the great man…

Eminem (3)

How sweet. Check out the closest we’ll ever get to a Tupac and Eminem duet…