The Weird Fungus That Brings Women To INSTANT Earth-Shattering Climaxes!

Hawaii, USA. Scientists have discovered a rare form of fungus which has rocked the scientific community because of its bizarre properties… It can give women instant ORGASMS!

The odd type of mushrooms only grow on Hawaiian lava flows that are between six hundred and one thousand years old. So you can’t go growing them in your spare bedroom. Sorry, girls.

The bright orange fungus is called Dictyophora species and was discovered by medical scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule.

Women don’t even need to eat the thing. A mere sniff will do the job!

Fungus Causes Female Orgasms

The journal the results were published in says this about it all: “Indeed, nearly half of the female test subjects experienced spontaneous orgasms while smelling this mushroom.”

It doesn’t work on dudes, though. 🙁

Fungus Causes Female Orgasms

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