Girlfriend Waits For Her Man To Pass Out Drunk Then Puts 12 Screws In His Junk

When a couple argue, all sorts of things can go wrong. Some dudes can go crazy. Some women even worse than that. We’ve heard of – and had – some pretty insane arguments in our time. We’re sure you have too. But it’s unlikely that you or any of your other halves have ever done anything this Goddamn psychopathic before…

What are we talking about? Well, details are sketchy, but the crux of the matter? A dude had sufficiently annoyed his girl that much that she decided to get some seriously messed-up revenge. Like, worse than you can imagine.

Not that you need to imagine it – we’ll just tell you instead! The story comes from Reddit and has it that he rolled in drunk and she waited for him to pass out. Once he did, she struck! He must’ve been really drunk… Only she managed to ram twelve SCREWS into his junk.


We’re guessing this caused the man concerned quite some considerable pain. Hey, we’re no doctors. But we’re pretty sure… It’s the last thing you need after a night out on the booze, huh?


That’s one crazy, crazy b*tch right there…