‘It Did Not Catch His Groin.’ Royce Gracie Defends Himself Against Low Blow Accusations


This weekend’s Bellator 149 Light Heavyweight fight ended in controversy after Royce Gracie appeared to TKO his opponent Ken Shamrock with a knee to the groin. Shamrock keeled over shortly after the alleged blow, and the fight was immediately called to a halt by the referee.

Gracie, who first fought Shamrock over 22 years ago, denied that he had struck his opponent in the groin:

“I’m very happy, that was my first knockout. But, I was telling Ken, we come from an era where there was no time limit, no weight division, no gloves, no rules, groin shots were allowed. But it did not catch his groin.”

However, it would appear that Shamrock disagreed. After the fight was called off, he proceeded to scream at both Gracie and the referee, complaining of a “low blow.”

The video itself is inconclusive. Is Gracie innocent or guilty? Let us know what you think…

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