KO Causes Boxer To Fall Face First, Bounce Twice Off The Canvas Then Twitched Uncontrollably

Hassan N’Dam Vs. Alfonso Blanco. It wasn’t the biggest or most anticipated fight of the year. But when thoughts turn to the knockout of the year in boxing, few can look past Hassan N’Dam punishing 21 second KO of Blanco from the other week.

It looks scary because Blanco falls face first smack bang into the canvas with his arms down. The sheer weight of the sparked out Venezuealan fighter causes him to bounce a couple of times and he then starts twitching…

He was okay though, afterwards. Thankfully.

KO N'Dam Blanco

This KO went under the radar because it happened in Europe, on the same day that Bernard Hopkins got knocked out the ring in his last ever fight…

Bernard Hopkins Last Fight Ring (1)

Anyway. Here’s the footage of Blanco’s dramatic flooring: