Old Ricer Dude’s Old Civic Is Ready To Take Down All-Comers!

Meet Paul. He’s a car race fanatic from Ohio and he’s got a set of wheels that will tear any competition apart… It’s a Honda Civic he’s modified and it’s a BEAST. Okay, okay – maybe that makes him a bit of an ol’ ricer, but we don’t care. ‘Pink Puss’ looks pretty mean to us.

Alright, fine. Maybe it is a bit lousy and maybe Paul’s talking trash a little here. But we love him nonetheless as he quizzed by some smartass stranger about his ride.

Now, you tell us – who’s the real OG here, anyway? The p*ssy in the Ford Focus filming, laughing at┬ásomeone? Or the dude in the vest who knows his cars, calls out all Mustangs and drive a modified Honda he calls ‘Pink Puss’?! It ain’t even a contest…

Think Paul’s talking smack? No way. Here’s proof he can take a┬áHonda and wipe the floor with people:

Alright, so that was a CRX, not a Civic – but with driving like that, we wouldn’t bet against the original Pink Puss!