Hilarious Aussie Dude Gives The Funniest TV Interview EVER

Not all heroes wear capes. In fact, some of them only wear their boxer shorts. Or ‘jocks’ as people in Australia call them. Aussie Daniel McConnell certainly calls them that. When he’s giving one of the funniest TV interviews ever beamed out on screens across the world…

Brisbane local McConnell happily regales the live TV news crew with his tale about apprehending a hit and run driver who had smashed into his friend’s fish and chip shop and tried to escape. And how he chased down the streets and caught the guy, despite only wearing his underwear.

“I come outside in me jocks, and I seen old mate, and I said, ‘oi, what are you doing here mate, you gotta wait here,’ and he’s like, ‘nah, nah, I fell asleep behind the wheel. He’s just started taking off, so I’ve run inside, jumped in me little purple car, and started chasing him up the street…”


“He went down a side street, and I told the coppers he went down a side street, and they went and got him. I was just chasing him in me jocks!”

This is the single most Aussie thing you’ll ever see.

Dude’s given like fifty interviews since… Here’s another one: