What Do You Think…? Can You Spot A Fake Butt?!


Fake butts. They’re a thing now. We know, we know. It’s still weird. We remember when we first heard about the premise. It was crazy then and it’s crazy now. Girls paying cash money to have fillers and implants put into their booties.

We remember that it wasn’t all that long ago that women didn’t like big butts. It took Sir Mix-A-Lot to come out and defend the larger rear, didn’t it? Now look where we are…

All Def Digital sent two of their most qualified ‘Bootyologists’ out to see if they could tell the difference between a real a*s and a fake a*s. Katherine Harris and Alex Wiley were challenged with the task. Now, all they gotta work out is… Is It True?

Fake Butt

So, then. What do you reckon? Think you’ve got what it takes to identify the real behind to the fake one? Find out…