Judge Goes Ballistic When Lawyer Tries To Play The Race Card

There’s been a lot of racial tension in America recently, so it’s no surprise that some of that spills into the nation’s courts in the form of lawyers trying to use it as an excuse why their clients should not be charged with the crimes they’re accused of. That’s what this sharp-suited shark tried when he came before Judge Daniel T.K. Hurley, who serves on the bench of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida. The lawyer’s client was seen running from the area where a car containing four men was acting suspiciously, and after police attempted to find out what they were doing, shots were fired at the officers from the vehicle before the four men ran away.

The lawyer, attempting to prove that his client wasn’t in the car but was in fact running away when hearing the sound of gunfire, tries to take advantage of the current situation in America by playing the race card. Unfortunately, he plays it in front of Judge Daniel Hurley. Hurley’s having none of it, and his reaction needs to be seen to believed.

This is one judge you don’t play games with in a video that proves it ain’t always the lawyers who have the sharpest tongues in the courtroom. Check it out: