Machine Gun Kelly Confronts Wrestler Kevin Owens; Gets Beat Down And Thrown Through Table

Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly put in a performance on WWE Raw on Monday night that he’s not gonna forget in a hurry. Raw had come to his hometown and the WWE were only too pleased to get the 25 year-old performer on to spit some lyrics for the crowd. And MGK was only too happy to oblige. But after his performance, things got messy…

After his track, Kelly gave a shout out to wrestling legend John Cena, something that NXT Champion – and Cena rival – Kevin Owens didn’t take too kindly to. He was waiting for Machine Gun afterwards and ended up powerbombing the rapper through a table!

Check out what went down right here:

Owens took to Twitter to apologize, though.

Not that MGK forgave him, though.

This sounds like a beef that could rumble on…