Groom Attempts To Drown Himself After Seeing His ‘Ugly’ Bride For The First Time


Wow. What a confidence booster for the young lady, eh? She’s having an arranged marriage. She’s nervous. As she goes to meet her new husband for the first time, all sorts of scenarios run through her head. Will she like him? Will he like her? Will he instantly try to commit suicide on seeing her?! Unlikely, right? Well…

Chinese groom-to-be Kang Hu was so disgusted by the sight of his blushing bride that he decided to do just that. He ran to a nearby river and threw himself in. That’s quite the reaction, isn’t it? Poor girl.

‘I feel bad about what happened but when I saw her she wasn’t what I had expected and I realized she would be bad for my image,’ he said after being dragged from the water. The 33 year-old shocked guests when he apologized to Na Sung, before saying she was ‘too ugly’ at the wedding in Shiyan, in China’s Hubei province.


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