Dudes See Videos Of Their Girls Getting Harassed… And They’re NOT Happy!

When guys walk down the street with their girlfriends or wives, other guys know not to say anything. Be it fear or respect or whatever, mostly – their keep their thoughts to themselves. But when woman are alone, sadly, there are scumbags out there that catcall, harass and generally make women feel ill at ease, uncomfortable or even scared.

In order to raise awareness of this, people have been recording such incidents and publicizing them online for most of 2015. It’s been revealing and more than a little unsettling. And that’s when it’s a stranger. How about when the girl you see in the video is your OWN girl?!

The guys in this video were shown clips of their ladies walking down the street and all the abuse they were subjected to. And it’s not pretty. Most start off laughing and sighing, but by the end? It’s not nice…