Metallica Play ‘Enter Sandman’ On Kids’ Toy Instruments With Jimmy Fallon And It’s Epic

Metallica. Love ’em or hate ’em, you can’t ignore ’em. They’re the world’s biggest and most successful heavy metal band. And they’re good sports too, if this clip from The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon is anything to go by. They dropped into the studio recently to perform. And in the weirdest way.

Along with hose Jimmy and his house band The Roots, James Hetfield and the gang cranked out a pretty odd – but weirdly good – cover version of one of their own hits, the famous ‘Enter Sandman’.

You don’t have to enjoy Metallica’s music particularly to dig what everyone does here. They get a hold of some┬áschool classroom music equipment, some kids’ musical instruments. And nail out the song in epic fashion…


It’s a pretty honest cover, actually. We don’t know how they’ve managed it, but it sound just like it!

Check it out: