Here’s What Happens When Girls And Motorcycles DON’T Get Along!

Have you ever ridden a motorcycle? It’s pretty cool. Great fun. But it ain’t as easy a rider as the movies make out. It can be tricky. You need training and practice. So we aren’t going to be too harsh to the girls in this here collection of biker fails.

Plus we’re not into that whole stereotype about women not being able to drive or whatever. Some guys can’t drive for sh*t, either. You’ve seen them on the roads.

The worrying thing about some of the clips in this video, though? Aside from the, at times, terrible riding… It’s the attire.

Motorcycle Fails

It is NOT safe to ride a bike in sandals or in a little dress (whether you’re a guy or girl). You’ve gotta be wearing protective gear. Leathers. A helmet. C’mon, people!