Dude Knocks Out Mugger; Takes A Selfie With The Guy; Puts Him In Recovery Position

Selfies. We’ve seen all different types, haven’t we? But this selfie here? A totally new one on us. 27 year-old Nathan Wood was being mugged in his home town of Stellenbosch in South Africa when he decided to take affirmative action and fight back. He managed to knock his mugger out. Before putting him in the recovery position and alerting police, he took a selfie with him…

Here’s what he says about the incident: “The main culprit tried to convince me it was in my best interest by brandishing a fairly large dagger and holding it to my throat. I then convinced the mugger that it was not in his best interest by knocking him unconscious with a well-timed punch.”

“His friend then dashed off. I dragged him out of the street, snapped a selfie, took off his jacket and put it under his head, placed him in the recovery position and alerted security.”

“If I hadn’t knocked the guy out I believe I would have been either another crime statistic or another South African that ended up in a body-bag,” Nathan went on.

True Thug.