A GT-R Totally Trolls Some Supercars In An EPIC Illegal Street Race

How come Nissan GT-Rs don’t get much respect? They’ve got twin turbo v6 engines and can kick it from 0-60mph in 2.7 seconds. They’re Goddamn BEASTS of the motoring world. And we’ve some pretty sweet proof for you right here. This is Fast & Furious. In real life. F&F IRL. This is street racing at its most devastating. Especially for the two drivers who thought they’d stomped all over the GT-R. Until the end that is. Those turbos kicked in and smashed the competition.

The other cars racing are no slouches, either. It’s a Lambo and a Corvette, two vehicles known for their speed. But when you’re drag racing a teal Nissan GT-R (nice color, by the way, boys…)? You’ve got a lesson coming up.

God bless the GT-R.


Check out what when down when a GT-R decided to prove who owns the road…