Police Officer Lays A Criminal Out With INSANE Clothesline!

In this hilarious video, a criminal is running away from law enforcement officers. He thinks he’s gotten away with it, escaping their clutches and heading for the safety of a suburban area where he can hopefully find a quiet corner to hide until the heat dies down. However, he didn’t expect to run straight into the arms – well, arm – of one particular officer who has a very different idea of how this criminal’s day is going to turn out. The criminal’s slipped out of the arms of several officers already. Surely he can avoid this guy and make his escape? After all, he’s just the one guy. How hard can it be to evade him? As the following video shows, it’s not so easy to avoid this final obstacle to freedom as this guy thinks it is.

BAM! There’s a reason they call it ‘the long arm of the law’!

Check it out: