Check Out The Dramatic Moment a Queen’s Guard Points His Gun At a Tourist!

The British Queen has houses all over the UK. One of her cribs is in the Royal county of Berkshire, in a town called Windsor. When Her Majesty’s holed up in Windsor Castle she’s protected by the Scots Guards, soldiers with rifles and huge dumb furry hats. You’ll have seen them before, they’re pretty big tourist attraction in Blighty.

These dudes may look all olde worlde and ridiculous, but they’re still soldiers packing heat. They’re used to having their pictures taken, but you still don’t mess with them.

Someone should’ve told the tourist in this video. The guard tolerates his BS only so far. As soon as the gawping idiot lays a hand on the guard? TROUBLE. The tourist is facing the barrel of a rifle.

‘Get back from the Queen’s Guard!’

That’s him TOLD. Don’t mess with these boys.