WTF Even IS THAT THING?! Girl Poses For One Of The Most Disgusting Selfies Ever


Alyssa is from Louisiana and loves herself a bit, it’s pretty safe to say. Hey, the girl loves a selfie. And who are we to tell her she shouldn’t post loads of pictures of herself up online? She’s a good-looking girl, after all.

And she gets some hits and likes for them. Like we say, she’s good looking. But her latest? It’s gone viral. But not quite for the reason that she might have liked. you see it’s more about what ELSE is in the selfie with her…

Her room is filthy and messy. There’s cr*p everywhere, the floors are covered in debris and garbage and make-up and clothes. She needs to clear up. But only after she gets rid of something particularly disgusting…

Rat Selfie

That ain’t the pic, that’s just her looking hot. Anyway…

Alright, so here’s the original selfie as Alyssa posted it. Fine, right? Nice dress. But can you spot the weird and pretty damn disgusting thing???

Rat Selfie

Look closely and you’ll spot it…

Rat Selfie

See it?! It’s a RAT! We’re talking about a rat selfie right here.

Rat Selfie

Trying to blame it on her brother too. Stay classy, Alyssa!