Here’s Some Advice – Don’t Try And Rob An Undercover Cop!

Some master criminals can go their entire lives without ever getting busted by the feds. Others, as smart as they are and as well protected as they might be – will get picked up by the cops from time to time. But the two wannabe gangstas we’ve got for you here? We’d be surprised if they’ve ever got away with anything.

The duo work in tandem to set up a drug deal with an undercover cop. Which, as you know, isn’t the smartest thing a person can do on any given day. But it gets worse. Instead of actually selling the weed, they decide to rob the buyer instead (who is still an undercover cop, remember). Rob her at gunpoint…

The list of charges really builds up by the time the ‘cuffs come out! This is one of the best sequences from the hit TV show COPS that we think we’ve ever seen!