Thief Pulls Gun On Taxi Driver Not Realizing He’d Been Pulled Over By The Cops

Ralph Valletta‘s a cab driver. On Monday he picked up a fare he didn’t want in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania. An 18 year-old called Victor Martinez-Herrera. As soon as the passenger climbed into the back seat he started waving a gun around and demanding money. But Valletta didn’t have to wait long for the cavalry. Just seconds, in fact. Only he’d been pulled over by a cop just moments before the attempted robbery!

Valletta told a local newspaper: “He’s yelling he wants money, and all I had was $11 in one pocket for change I reached into one pocket and handed him the $11, and he’s screaming, ”Give me the rest of the money. I know you got more money!” I look into the mirror and I’m scared to death at this point. I’m worried he’s going to shoot me.”

But that’s where Lady Luck comes in. Well, a Reading, Pennsylvania cop comes in, anyway.

Martinez-Herrera was sent to Berks County Prison with $100,000 bail. He now faces charges of ‘terroristic threats’, robbery and weapons offenses.

Watch what happened: