‘Santa’ Hands Out Candy Canes In Memphis Bank… Then Robs The Joint

Memphis, Tennessee. Santa Claus walks into a Memphis bank. He begins handing out candy canes. He walks out with none. But instead? He leaves with a sh*t ton of money. He robbed the joint.

Don’t worry, though. It’s isn’t the real Saint Nick. It was just a guy dressed up. And now he’s on the run. Weirdest thing? This has happened in Tennessee before. But police maintain this was two different Santas…

“At approximately 10:00am, a lone male wearing a Santa mask entered the Memphis City Employee Credit Union,” police said. Once inside, the male handed candy canes to several employees and customers and wished them a merry Christmas.”

Santa Bank Robber

Staff at the Memphis City Employee Credit Union were all unharmed. He’s described by cops as a 5’9″┬ámale who weighs about 150lbs.

Santa Bank Robber

Seems you just can’t trust anyone these days…

Santa Bank Robber

Bad Santa. Check him out: