The AWESOME And Indestructible Russian Monster Truck That Can Drive On ICE!

It’s being called a ‘mini monster truck’ and it’s just about the coolest little motorized beast we’ve seen in a long time. Straight outta Russia, this little beauty is known as the ‘Sherp ATV’ and it’s only eleven feet long. It’s capable of climbing over obstacles as high as 28 inches and has an almost indestructible diesel 15.5 gallon,  44 horsepower engine. But that’s just the start…

It weighs 2,865 pounds and to reach speeds of 28mph on land and 4mph in water. Yeah, that’s right… Did we not mention that bit yet? It can drive on ice and through water! The ‘Standard’ costs just $65,000 and the ‘Kung’ models comes in at only $70,000.

“Our goal was to show the world the car, which has no equal on the terrain,” the Sherpa website says. “And only in 2015, having three years of improvements, changes and choosing the best technical solutions, materials and components we launched Sherpa-terrain vehicle into mass production.”

Monster Truck

It’s a real pocket rocket, this thing. Just look at the size of it…

Monster Truck

Good work, Russia!