Young Teen Girl Sets Up Her 13 Year-Old Boyfriend To Test If He’ll Cheat…

Relationships. They can be great, but they can also be testing, stressful and hard work. Most of us will spent a decent portion of our adult lives in close relationships with someone else. And they can sometimes cause you to worry, give you headaches… You might argue, disagree, split up. It’s not much fun at times. Oh, to be a kid again, huh?

But some kids have little boyfriends and girlfriends and it’s like a mini version of an adult relationship. And we’ve got proof for you here. The guys at To Catch a Cheater¬†are helping thirteen year-old Sarah test her ‘man’. She wants to know how he will react to the lure of another young girl talking to him… will he ‘cheat’?

The results ain’t encouraging¬†for the young ‘un. It’s a hard lesson to learn this early on in your dating life, eh? Feels a bit weird that they’re so young but the guys behind it checked with everyone’s parents beforehand apparently, so it’s cool.


Her face… Damn, this is weird. They’re so young!