Guy Let Dudes Steal His Bike But It Backfires At The End!

Internet prankster types TwinzTV don’t mind making fools of themselves for the camera. Anyone who saw their ‘walking around with painted-on pants’ prank will know all about that. But it’s other people they’re looking to make appear dumb this time out…

The set up? A bike. Tied to a tree with a rope. Left unattended. They hide away and wait for local kids to come by and try and steal it. While they do, they film them. So these light-fingered punks are caught red-handed. But it ain’t only their hands that are turned red. When the rope tightens, they fly over the crossbar. Smashing their nuts.

Well, it’ll teach them for stealing, huh? But just wait for the lucky kid at the end… After you watch, be sure to check out this equally awesome hoverboard bait prank