Redneck Downs Bottle Of Fireball Whiskey, Gets Pepper Sprayed And Tased AT THE SAME TIME

It’s pretty safe to say that Mr. Catfish Cooley is a redneck. It’s also pretty safe to say that that’s the first time that he’s ever been called ‘sir‘. This dude is all about doing whatever the Hell he wants to do. And what he wants to do here is get messed up. Big time. By celebrating ‘Whiskey Wednesday’. And what better way to celebrate than by downing a whole bottle of the stuff? Fireball is nice, but DAMN! Not a whole bottle of the stuff…

And it doesn’t stop there. To complete the celebration/challenge/whatever the heck it is, he decides to spice things up with a little bit of pepper spray and Taser action. Look, we’ll admit it – this isn’t the classiest video you’ll watch today, in fact it might just be the stupidest (by some way). But, who cares? It’s pretty damn funny all the same!

If you want to see a crazy fat redneck down a bottle of Fireball, have four dudes pepper spray him in the face and get Tasered, you’ve come to the right place.