Woman Throws Bloody Tampon At DMV Employee, Fights Cop During Arrest

Miami, Florida. 23 year-old Kristen Myers is in police custody after an incredible incident which saw her assault a DMV worker with a used tampon. As she threw it, she claimed that she had AIDS and that the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles  employee would now be infected. Myers claims to have ‘lost it’ after spending more than six hours waiting for her photo ID to get sorted.

As she was told that there was nothing to be done to speed things up, Ms. Myers produced the bloodied sanitary towel, she was heard to shout: “I have AIDS and now you do too! I hope your wait in the emergency room is longer than six hours!”

A cop then stepped in, and Myers became physically absuve and violent. She resisted arrest and fought with the officer. As you’ll see in the video below…

Myers has since been charged with assault and resisting arrest, If it turns out that she is indeed HIV positive or has full-blown AIDS, she stands to be charged with the much more serious crime of attempted murder. She is being held on a $15,000 bond and awaits her trial.

Here’s the incredible footage of what happened: