Ever Seen a .950 Caliber Bullet Being Fired Before?!

2,100 feet per second. 1,432mph. 25mm diameter. 2,800 grain. 277lbs of recoil energy. $40 each. It’s pretty safe to say that .950 caliber bullets are not your average rounds. And it goes without saying that the guns you fire them out of are a little bit special too.

The enormous round you’re about to see firing out of a comically oversized gun was the brainchild of J. D. Jones of SSK Industries. A weapon like this would normally be classified as ‘Destructive Device’ under the National Firearms Act of 1934. But somehow, SSK were able to receive a ‘Sporting Use Exception’. So pretty much anyone can shoot one (provided you’re not a felon)!

Watch this thing. And its crazy recoil. And then bear in mind that this is a HUNTING rifle… What the HELL are you goonna hunt with one of these? Dragons?!