These Dudes Trying To Get Their Bike Untangled From An Electric Fence Is Stupidly Funny

This video here is stupid. But, hey – it’s funny. A group of guys are out together keeping fit and having a bike ride. They’re out in the country, so come across some fences and gates and the like. One dude tries to lift his bicycle over a fence… But it’s electric.

He panics at the electric fence and hops over it, dropping his two wheeler onto the fence. And now it’s stuck. It’s a fat bike. An expensive thing. He can’t leave it there.He’s got to try and untangle the thing. But they can’t. Not without getting electrocuted, anyway.

But that doesn’t stop them from trying And trying. And trying. And it’s crazy funny, man…

Bike caught on an Electric Fence

Thing about this is… We can just imagine how damn annoying this’d be. How are you supposed to get the thing outta there?!

Bike caught on an Electric Fence

We’d try fire first.

Bike caught on an Electric Fence

This had me in stitches. Stupid but funny. Check it out…