Cocky Fighter Taunts Opponent Racially – Gets Instant KO Karma

American MMA fighter Jonathan Ivey is a bit of a legend in the fight game. Okay, alright, so he’s no Conor McGregor. He’s neverĀ gonna headline a huge pay per view event, but the man’s entertaining. And he’s got some skill too. He’s all about the theatrics. But he may have taken it a little far in this fight here…

Big Jon went to Tokyo, Japan to fight a guy named Hikaru Sato. Seventy pounds heavier, Jon went in confident. He talked up his chances and gave it his usual crazy cockiness. Mid-fight, though – he started mocking his opponent and pulling ‘The Crane‘ from Karate Kid. Something which some fight fans are calling racially insensitive.

We don’t know if he meant it like that, he probably just thought it was funny. But whatever he was thinking – it was a bad idea – he quickly got knocked TFO out by an angered Sato…

Racist MMA Fight

Big Jon has skills, but with a fight record that now readsĀ 32 wins and 57 losses, it’s probably wise for him to tone down the whole arrogance thing a little, huh?

Racist MMA Fight

See exactly what Big Jon did and see what you make of it. Cocky? Funny? Racist…?