The FIRST African Comic Book Superhero Gets A Special Release This Week

The world of comic book heroes is mostly a white one, isn’t it? Alright, so there’s a couple of black dudes, but not many. Spawn and Blade come to mind, but black culture and African heritage aren’t really ever addressed. Until now. The Black Panther character has been around a while in the Marvel universe, but only now has he got his own ‘Origins’ release.

The team behind the launch has invested some money and hired some impressive names. They’ve recruited political writer and Genius Grant winner Ta-Nehisi Coates to pen it. “It really isn’t enough to have people punching each other and being awesome,” he says. “Black Panther is an opportunity to draw from African culture.”

The release hits shelves this week, so you can seek it out now. For more on the character and his back story, check out this: