Cast Member Confirms: “There’s Gonna Be A New Friday Movie!”

John Witherspoon stopped into to see Power 95.3’s GetUp Crew over in Orlando, Florida recently. And while he was there,he confirmed that Ice Cube was doing another Friday movie. Witherspoon’s an actor and comedian and he played Willie Jones in the original movies.

He says he bumped into his old pal and colleague at an airport recently and Cube mentioned he wanted to speak to him about it all. Fans will be stoked to hear the news… It’s been fifteen long years since The Friday after Next.

Witherspoon said this: “I was at the airport and I saw Ice Cube. Cube said he’s gonna do another Friday. He said he wanted to meet with me, he couldn’t make it, but we’re gonna do meet next week and get things together. There’s a new guy at Warner Brothers. Thank god! Hell yeah!”

Friday Sequel

Alright, here’s a little more on the story:

And here’s Witherspoon breaking the news: