Fire Alarms On Set Of Snoop Dogg’s New Movie Go Off Constantly Due To All The Weed Smoke

Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Lil Duval and DJ Pooh have made a movie. And what have they all got in common, apart from the music? A shared appreciated for the green stuff, that’s right. Not money – though we’re sure they all dig that too. Nah, we’re talking weed. They all love it. So they’d all collaborated on a film about it together.

The stoner comedy movie is all about the growing of the thing and it also stars A Clockwork Orange star Malcolm McDowell. It’s called Grow House and the stars and dudes behind have a funny story for y’all to enjoy on 4/20.

It’s all about how the set and hotel fire alarms kept going off and how everywhere kept having to evacuated all the time because of all the thick acrid smoke those boys were pumping out…

Snoop Movie Grow House

Grow House¬†sparks up in¬†theaters today because, well, what do you think? Hell, yeah. Because it’s 4/20. Go see it.

Here’s more on the movie and that whole fire alarm thing…