Punching, Kicking, Fighting… This Is Soccer With NO Rules!

Florence, Italy. It’s an ancient ‘game’ that’s been played every year for generations. Centuries. It’s called ‘Calcio Fiorentino’. Or ‘Giuoco Del Calcio Fiorentino’, to give it its full name. But ‘Florentine Kick Game’ is to describe it very vaguely and cutely. This is no mere game of soccer. This is no-holds barred soccer. With absolutely NO rules!

Four neighborhoods compete. Game see two teams of 27 competitors in an arena. The goal is to get the ball past your opponent’s defensive line. By ANY means necessary. Throwing, kicking – whatever. Need to get someone out the way? You can hit them. Kick them. Anything. Tackles are brutal. Fights are plentiful and bloodthirsty.

The winner gets a white veal calf. But it’s about pride. The men of Florence compete against each other and have done since 1580. You have NEVER seen any sport as brutal as this…