DAMN! Is This The Dirtiest Fighter In MMA History…?

Every now and again you get fouls in MMA. It’s a bit of a¬†fallacy that they are no rules in UFC and other forms of mixed martial arts. There are actually plenty. Otherwise, you’d be see headbutts, low blows and eye gouges all the time. We’ve brought you some of the worst and most illegal fouls in MMA history here before. But they were one-offs. Let’s have a look at some of the worst repeat offenders. These are MMA’s dirtiest fighters…

Most fouls that go down in the ring are accidental. Most. But not all. And when you see intentional fouls, you’re not often surprised by who has dished them out. It’s the same guys time and time again.

We’ve got some brilliantly dirty fighters here in this list from the dudes at The Montage King. Gilbert Yvel, Mike Kyle, even Jon Jones… Check this out – nasty dudes not playing by the rules: