The Most Messed Up And Illegal Fouls Ever Seen In MMA Will Make Your Eyes Water!

There are certain rules in fighting, aren’t they? In backyard or barroom scraps the rules are all unwritten, but everyone knows them. In professional sports, the rules are very much written. Boxing has its Marquess of Queensberry rules. And MMA has it’s own set of rules too. Things like: no eye-gouging, no holding, no hair-pulling, no blows to the back of the head, no fish-hooking, no groin attacks, no stomping, no piledrivers, no spinal rabbit punches, no clawing, no throat strikes, no timidity or faking injuries, make sure you abide by the referee’s rule at all times…

There are actually quite a few different rules in UFC and MMA. A lot of people will tell you otherwise, but they’re wrong. There are plenty of fouls in UFC and MMA. And we’ve got a compilation of some of the best examples right here for you.

Some of these are famous examples, some less so. This showcases exactly how you SHOULDN’T go about fighting in mixed martial arts. Check it out: