‘Energy Shield Master’ Dares Martial Artist To Punch Him In The Face; Instantly Regrets It

Ever heard of a ‘no touch martial artist’? No, us neither. Until now. And based on this evidence, we don’t rate them. In the video below, we see one knocked to the ground after daring a seven-time Ukrainian martial arts champion to punch him square in the face. The ‘energy shield master’ – as he calls himself – thinks that he can stop punches by just kind of waving his hands about the place a bit. He soon finds out that he can’t.

In the brilliantly hilarious video, the ‘master’ is taught a pretty damn harsh lesson by the Ukrainian man. Alexandr Litvinenko – or “Alex Lee” as he’s also known – deals blows which rocked the ‘master’ and it makes for some pretty funny viewing, we’ve gotta say!

If you ask us, it looks as though the dude forgot to turn on his shield… Check out what happened…