Giant Gabi Garcia Takes On 49 Year-Old Ex-Pro-Wrestler In Disgustingly Mismatched Fight

Rizin are a bit like the UFC, but based out of Japan. And if the UFC were utterly, utterly mental. They don’t really run their fight company based on the same principles as many other MMA set-ups… They prefer to down more of the ‘sideshow’ route…

The latest freakshow of theirs? Rizin II saw the world’s biggest and scariest female MMA fighter, Gabi Garcia, take on an old lady. An old lady who used to wrestle in Japan. 49 year-old Yumiko Hotta.

And guess what? Yup – Garcia absolutely DESTROYED her opponent. As if you needed telling.

Gabi Garcia Yumiko Hotta

The ex-wrestler tries to bounces off the ropes in an embarrassing attempt to clothesline Garcia, but it ain’t happening.

Gabi Garcia Yumiko Hotta

Still, Hotta shows a lot of fight. And probably lasts longer than Ronda Rousey would’ve.

Gabi Garcia Yumiko Hotta

Craziness. So, here it is… Gabi Garcia Vs. Yumiko Hotta: