Georges St-Pierre… The UFC’s Greatest Comeback Kid?

Georges St-Pierre – aka ‘GSP’ – is much loved in the UFC. As much for his skill and guile and technique in the ring as his personality and charisma outside of it. But another thing people dig about him is that he never knows when to quit. He’s one resilient fighter. A lot of fighters might’ve let their heads drop after a devastating loss like GSP’s to Matt Hughes at UFC 50. But he stayed strong.

He kept training and bided his time. After Matt Hughes defeated B.J. Penn at UFC 63, Georges St-Pierre climbed into the ring to seize his opportunity to accept Hughes’ offer of a rematch.

And the rest, as they say, is history. This is why St Pierre is one of our favorite fighters from over the years…

And here’s what happened when the man finally took on Matt Hughes: