Jackie Chan Crushes Multiple Bricks Whilst Holding An Unbroken Egg!

Now we all know that Jackie Chan is an absolute legend. The Cantonese actor has become renowned for his infectious attitude and fun antics. So much so that it is sometimes easier to forget what a tough S.O.B. the man is. Not only is he one of the greatest martial artists ever, he also does all of his own stunts – averaged out, he has broken every bone in his body at least twice!

In the following video we see Jackie on a German television show (see, he can speak German too! There’s no end to the man’s talents). After a contestant manages to break a few brick blocks with a karate chop, it’s Jackie’s turn. He gets up and manages to break no fewer than 16 brick blocks in just a few seconds! And, wait! He does it whilst holding a raw egg, which┬áremains unbroken throughout!

Watch the amazing video below!