Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Daughter Is Hot AF And A Total Bada*s Too


Bianca Brigitte Van Varenberg. Ever heard of her? Probably not. Well, she’s professionally known as Bianca Bree Van Damme. Still not too sure? Well, okay. If we tell you she’s Jean-Claude Van Damme‘s daughter you might be with us. Well, it turns out that she’s super hot and a total bada*s. She’s got serious moves and a burgeoning movie career too.

She’s following in the old man’s footsteps, alright. The Muscles From Brussels’ offspring definitely has a bright future ahead of her. One of three kids that JCVD has with his wife Gladys Portugues, apparently all the kids are talented and beautiful.

Bianca certainly is!

Vam Damme's daughter

No doubt about it!

Van Damme's daughter

Here’s a few of her moves…

And some more of her, this time chatting to E!