Justin Bieber Punches Fan In The Face; Leaves The Guy Covered In Blood

Palau Sant Jordi, Barcelona, Spain. Justin Bieber arrives in the back of a car to the venue ready for a performance – one of many on his ‘Purpose’ world tour. As his car pulls up, the 22 year-old is – as always – mobbed by fans. The singer’s known for his testy demeanor and aggressive attitude, but this time? He LOST IT.

As his driver pulls into the parking lot, fans approach – screaming. Bieber has his window wound down to wave at them when one fan – a dude who looks old enough to know better – runs alongside the car and tries to touch Bieber. He doesn’t give up and his hands are fully in the car, pawing at the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker’s jersey.

Suddenly – BANG! Bieber throws and lands a punch right in the fan’s mouth. The Spaniard reels back in shock and it’s clear that his lip is cut and he’s bleeding…


Here is the moment caught on camera by TMZ: